Week 11

Thee articles were correct many people do not think about what actually goes on with the internet. We think of ourselves as savvy internet users to believe that to be enough.  It is not in the the new era we live in. After reading the articles I wanted to post some videos to get you all thinking about corporations and privacy/net neutrality …FCC and ISPs etc

 We are the internet


 The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

From here to neutrality


 The internet you need





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week 10 cyber-bullying O_o

After reading Beyond free speech by Henry I was very intrigued at how the law basically cannot touch the majority of cyber-bullies. Prosecutors have to come in at an angle in order to receive justice for the victim or their family.  The First Amendment is a very strong one and protects individuals who decide to participate in hate speech and other vicious activities. All of this influenced me to take a look at the laws surrounding cyber-bullying, thinking to myself this has got to be interesting considering i have seen how the amendment protects individuals in the US. I learned that these laws merely enforce small punishment but none call for imprisonment. Anyways I found an interesting article that gives a preview of what I will discuss tonight.


The article discusses cases of cyber-bullying that have bought worldwide attention to the act including Megan Meiers (who I will discuss tonight), laws about cyber-bullying, the CDA etc. Enjoy!

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week 9 social media!!!! yay

I really enjoyed the readings this week [being a regular participant in SNS] and learned some new things. The topic of great interest is the ideal audience that individuals of twitter accounts tweet to.  I also found the responses of individuals from the survey to what is inappropriate to tweet very interesting [especially seeing as how I dont think my followers got that memo]. I found a hilarious video that sums up the article “I tweet honestly, I tweet passionately:Twitter users, context collapse, and the imagined audience.”


In the video, one of the guys asks “who do you tweet to?”The twitter bird replies in a mysterious manner “no one and everyone.”

Guy 1:Its like im hanging  with my friends all the time

guy 2: Friends dont randomly shout into the darkness and hope someone is listening

This interaction reminds me so much of the reading. On page 118 the author discusses how the word “friend” is an “overloaded term in a social media.” On page 128, the author states “while Facebook or Twitter users don’t know exactly who comprises their audience addressed, they have a mental picture of who they’re writing or speaking to-the audience invoked.”

In short, watch and video and get a comical approach to the reading.

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Jenkins on star wars

This weeks reading involved Jenkins discussing Stars Wars and its influence on consumer generated content (among other things).  Towards the end of the chapter he has a section entitled “where do we go from here?” This is i found to be the most interesting part.He states “In a world of ever-expanding media options, there is going to  be a struggle for viewers the likes of which corporate media has never seen before. Many of the smartest folks in the media industry know this: some are trembling, and others are scrambling to renegotiate their relationships with consumers. In the end, the media producers need fans just as much as fans need them.”

Interesting articles related to reading

Where is Consumer Generated Marketing Taking Us?


Consumer-Generated Advertising and Fan Culture are Forms of Advertainment












Examples of some DIY Star wars videos



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I found the chapter entitled “spoiling survivor” very fascinating. I did not realize the lengths individuals would go in order to dissect the events of television shows. The amount of concentration and efforts put into in should actually be used toward the greater good of individuals in society  to produce an astronomical change in the world. Nevertheless, perhaps some of the greatest minds in the world are simply using their brain power to entertain themselves. I do not wish to insult them though. I feel we as people should find things that bring joy into our lives. Anyway, I wanted to find a good example (like survivor spoiling)to show how collective knowledge is important and used in our daily lives. I ran across this youtube video. In it, a corporation uses the collective knowledge of individuals around the world to create a positive effective change in the world.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1RaxkJU2bY

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citizen journalism

The reading of choice this week is by Kperogi

Quotes from the Kperogi article

“CNN is merely deploying a more sophisticated hegemonic narrative of journalistic authority to simultaneously confer legitimacy on its notion of what constitutes news and to tap into the vast-and free- resources that abound in the citizen media (Kperogi).”

“I argue that the trend toward corporate-sponsored media may, in the final analysis, blur the distinction between citizen and mainstream journalism (Kperogi).”

Quotes From CNN

“Together, CNN and iReport can paint a more complete picture of the news.”

“Everything you see on iReport starts with someone in the CNN audience. The stories here are not edited fact-checked or screened before they post. CNN’s producers will check out some of the most compelling, important and urgent iReports and, once they’re cleared for CNN, make them a part of CNN’s news coverage.”

Life examples

After reading the article by Kperogi I was inspired to do a little research of my own about ireport.com. I found out some interesting things. For instance, there were problems that arose from the creation of ireport.com.

Like this incident for instance: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=conewsstory&refer=conews&tkr=AAPL:US&sid=addZXQqphaNw . I feel this article is a perfect example of what Kperogi was talking about when he mentioned there being a blur in the distinction between citizen and mainstream journalism.

Other interesting things to look at

CNN’s ireport has its own twitter page encouraging individuals to read stories from ireporters .http://twitter.com/#!/cnnireport . They also have dedicated a facebook page to ireporting. On it they give a brief overview of what ireport.com is and what the company believes and stands for. http://www.facebook.com/ireport?sk=info





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online journalism

The most intersting reading from this week in my opinion was that of Jones and Himelboim about Framing the blogs in mainstream US newspaper coverage. I especially like the quote “a blogger is …merely a guy sitting in his living room-in his pajamas- writing.” The article pose several questions including

 the value of blogs-were blogs framed as a benefit or a threat and to whom?

bloggers as journalists-do articles label bloggers as journalists or associate blogging with journalism?  etc

The discussion on online journalism and the new turn it is taking was fairly interesting. I found some great articles (and ironically blogs) about newspapers and online journalism. I feel these articles tie together all of the readings from this week. Take a little time out to skim over them, you may find new information on the matter.

Can Bloggers Replace Professional Journalists?Can Blogs Serve a Function Once Performed By Newspapers?

By , About.com Guide


Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable


The end of news websites?


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