week 9 social media!!!! yay

I really enjoyed the readings this week [being a regular participant in SNS] and learned some new things. The topic of great interest is the ideal audience that individuals of twitter accounts tweet to.  I also found the responses of individuals from the survey to what is inappropriate to tweet very interesting [especially seeing as how I dont think my followers got that memo]. I found a hilarious video that sums up the article “I tweet honestly, I tweet passionately:Twitter users, context collapse, and the imagined audience.”


In the video, one of the guys asks “who do you tweet to?”The twitter bird replies in a mysterious manner “no one and everyone.”

Guy 1:Its like im hanging  with my friends all the time

guy 2: Friends dont randomly shout into the darkness and hope someone is listening

This interaction reminds me so much of the reading. On page 118 the author discusses how the word “friend” is an “overloaded term in a social media.” On page 128, the author states “while Facebook or Twitter users don’t know exactly who comprises their audience addressed, they have a mental picture of who they’re writing or speaking to-the audience invoked.”

In short, watch and video and get a comical approach to the reading.


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I am graduate student at Florida Institute of Technology. writing is a huge fascination of mine...I guess we will see where it takes me
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One Response to week 9 social media!!!! yay

  1. stacyc53 says:

    That video is great. That’s pretty much what kept me from ever being interested in Twitter. There are too many peanut butter sandwich posts. At least it seemed that way when it first got popular.

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