week 10 cyber-bullying O_o

After reading Beyond free speech by Henry I was very intrigued at how the law basically cannot touch the majority of cyber-bullies. Prosecutors have to come in at an angle in order to receive justice for the victim or their family.  The First Amendment is a very strong one and protects individuals who decide to participate in hate speech and other vicious activities. All of this influenced me to take a look at the laws surrounding cyber-bullying, thinking to myself this has got to be interesting considering i have seen how the amendment protects individuals in the US. I learned that these laws merely enforce small punishment but none call for imprisonment. Anyways I found an interesting article that gives a preview of what I will discuss tonight.


The article discusses cases of cyber-bullying that have bought worldwide attention to the act including Megan Meiers (who I will discuss tonight), laws about cyber-bullying, the CDA etc. Enjoy!


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I am graduate student at Florida Institute of Technology. writing is a huge fascination of mine...I guess we will see where it takes me
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