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The most intersting reading from this week in my opinion was that of Jones and Himelboim about Framing the blogs in mainstream US newspaper coverage. I especially like the quote “a blogger is …merely a guy sitting in his living room-in his pajamas- writing.” The article pose several questions including

 the value of blogs-were blogs framed as a benefit or a threat and to whom?

bloggers as journalists-do articles label bloggers as journalists or associate blogging with journalism?  etc

The discussion on online journalism and the new turn it is taking was fairly interesting. I found some great articles (and ironically blogs) about newspapers and online journalism. I feel these articles tie together all of the readings from this week. Take a little time out to skim over them, you may find new information on the matter.

Can Bloggers Replace Professional Journalists?Can Blogs Serve a Function Once Performed By Newspapers?

By , Guide

Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable

The end of news websites?


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  1. I actually think that both online and print share a symbiotic relationship and that both vehciles are valuable. I liked your view point on the article.

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