I found the chapter entitled “spoiling survivor” very fascinating. I did not realize the lengths individuals would go in order to dissect the events of television shows. The amount of concentration and efforts put into in should actually be used toward the greater good of individuals in society  to produce an astronomical change in the world. Nevertheless, perhaps some of the greatest minds in the world are simply using their brain power to entertain themselves. I do not wish to insult them though. I feel we as people should find things that bring joy into our lives. Anyway, I wanted to find a good example (like survivor spoiling)to show how collective knowledge is important and used in our daily lives. I ran across this youtube video. In it, a corporation uses the collective knowledge of individuals around the world to create a positive effective change in the world.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1RaxkJU2bY


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I am graduate student at Florida Institute of Technology. writing is a huge fascination of mine...I guess we will see where it takes me
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  1. stacyc53 says:

    I like your example of collective knowledge being used productively. I was also amazed (and baffled) by the time and effort put into spoiling Survivor episodes. The thing that I really don’t understand is why they put so much effort into finding information that is going to be made public eventually anyway. Maybe it’s a lack of patience; maybe they just enjoy the challenge of it. Trying to look at this optimistically, it could be that they are in some way exercising their minds and enhancing their skills. Maybe someday some of them will put these skills to use for something more important. I wrote my post on the same topic and found an article about how online gamers worked together to solve (in 10 days) a problem that been unable to figure out for years: http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/09/18/7802623-gamers-solve-molecular-puzzle-that-baffled-scientists

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