intro to media convergence

Introduction to Media Convergence By Jenkins

Sixteen pages into the book and I find myself wanting to discuss some things with the author such as: his undeniable ability to make extreme comparisons and his frequent rants and/or tangents mid-topic. The information in this book seems to be very interesting and no doubt educational. However, sometimes I pause and ask myself “what was he talking about again?” In short, the introduction to “Media Convergence” is not an “easy read” but it a must read for all interested in new media. Despite my feelings on this I am very interested to note all of the new information I learned from Jenkins. As i approach the end of the introduction, already he has covered very interesting topics like the black fallacy, Bert is evil and the findings of Gitelman. Which, I might add, are phenomenal examples of convergence and indeed may inspire me to do some research.

Interesting topic Jenkins touched upon:

Black box fallacy

Jenkins is very much so correct when he speaks of the incompatibility that exists among media technologies. His black box fallacy is without a doubt genius. Convergence can bring order between the many technologies and perhaps will in the near future. He states “the perpetual tangle of cords that stands between me and my ‘home entertainment’ center reflects the degree of incompatibility and dysfunction that exist between the various media technologies (Jenkins 15).” This exert immediately reminded me of a commercial I recently seen advertising a phone with a combination of fanciful abilities such as gaming, music, applications, etc.For some reason this commercial has been removed offline. I cant find it anywhere. However many of you may have gotten a chance to view the comical advertisement when it aired on television. Below is a link to a photo from the ad. The commercial features the interaction between a rep and a concumer. The consumer is overjoyed with his belt full of electronic devices (all of the new technology with many features) He boasts about them. He is overwhelmed when he finds out all of the technology he has with all of its features that be found in one mobile device.,r:0,s:0&tx=147&ty=35



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Hi all its Veronica ..Over the next couple of months I will be blogging here professionally for the sake of my new media communication course. Hope you all enjoy. I will have interesting blogs as well as those where you are like …”what is she talking about?” lol. Nevertheless I will try to keep you engaged.


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